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Rehab advisors affiliated with Baker City Addiction Treatment Centers can provide you with advisory and referral services to help you find the right addiction treatment center for your needs. We work with an extensive network of addiction rehab centers that are of only the highest quality and top-tier in the addiction treatment field. To learn more about our advisory services or to speak with an advisor to find the right addiction treatment center for you, call us today at (971) 865-8866.

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What is Addiction and Can You Recover From it?

Many people are unclear about what an addiction is and what it truly means to be an addict in this world. A drug or alcohol addiction is a disease. It is not a lack of willpower or a lack of character strength. It is actually a physical and a mental disease that affects every aspect of a person's life and well-being. The right addiction treatment in Baker City can help you overcome your addiction with success.

When a person has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they are often in denial about the addiction that they have. This is due to the nature of an addiction itself. An addiction has such a hold over a person's life and especially over their mind that it convinces them that they are in control and that everything is alright. This denial is such a frightening and problematic aspect of an addiction because it can delay treatment and help for the addiction but can also isolate the person from their friends and family and the other people that love and care about them.

On top of being in denial, an addiction to drugs and alcohol can also cause a person numerous health and life consequences in general. The loss of relationships with friends and family are just the tip of the iceberg. People with addictions can also lose their jobs and professional licenses. They might also be subject to long-term incarceration and prolonged stays in mental health wards. An alcohol and drug rehab in Baker City or surrounding area can help you overcome your addiction.

Of course, there are also physical health consequences of addictions to drugs or alcohol. A person can develop dental problems, infections, heart diseases, organ damage, brain damage, permanent psychosis, and more. Overdoses and death are also physical consequences of drug and alcohol addictions that are essentially inevitable for any person with an addiction if they do not seek out help from a drug or alcohol addiction treatment center.

And if that wasn't enough, addiction can also shift a person's entire sense of self and their moral compass. When a person is desperate to get the substance they are addicted to, they can resort to extreme measures that break their morality. This can include prostitution, drug dealing, theft and robbery, and even homicide or similarly serious crimes.

The good news is though, that in spite of all this, recovery from an addiction is possible. With the help of our advisory services at Baker City Addiction Treatment Centers and the care of the right addiction rehab center for you and your needs, you can overcome your drug or alcohol addiction successfully and live a life of long-term sobriety.

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Drug and alcohol addictions are scary diseases that have a massive impact on every aspect of a person's life. But there is hope available to help you overcome those addictions. All you need to do to get started and to begin to see that little glimmer of hope is call one of our addiction treatment advisors at (971) 865-8866.

Our addiction treatment advisors are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week so that you can call in as soon as you are ready to do so without any trouble or delay. When you call, you will be immediately connected to an addiction treatment advisor. After you get on the phone with them, you and your addiction treatment advisor will work together through the initial patient assessment.

The initial patient assessment is nothing to be worried or concerned about. It is just a set of questions that will help your addiction treatment advisor to find you a great drug rehab in Baker City or alcohol rehab in Baker City or elsewhere in the surrounding area.

The questions that your advisor will ask you include questions about the severity of your addiction, the type of substance or substances that you are addicted to, your medical insurance coverage, and your responsibilities at home and work. Any answers you provide will help to ensure that you get the best possible addiction treatment center match for your recovery needs.

Call Baker City Addiction Treatment Centers now to find out more about our advisory services or to get started in rehab (971) 865-8866.

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